Politische Erklärung / Brief von UP EINS

Das Original findet ihr unter dem Link ganz unten auf dieser Seite. The original document of the letter can be found at the bottom of the page

Thank you to all those for setting up this space to be heard from and corresponded with. At this stage in the movement we are all finally freeing ourselves from notions of good & bad, right & wrong and getting more in touch with reality, perspectives and some of the universal basic needs, clean drinking water, air, nature, freedom, movement, physical well-being, care, integrity, shelter, safety, connection, community, creativity, effectiveness, to name a few. You may notice that highways, violence, money, police & separation are not on that list.

I feel angry about my allegations, repression feels horrible just for being in defence of those needs that are intrinsic part of ourselves. Scared too, are society’s illusions of justice, based on a system of reward and punishment driven by fear. (Is it) really what the world at large still wants? When will we wake up to that which gives a true quality of life?
But it is up to us to first check our beliefs, our thoughts, words & actions and if they are lining up with what we truly want. It is up to us to confront & question those that prevent the meeting of our basic needs, and it is up to us to take the risks involved in achieving them.
My thoughts & absolute best wishes go out to all those loving & fighting. Those that go beyond the victim, villain, hero triangulations and those that create win – win scenarios that put all on the path to happiness. If we remember that these toxic project can still collapse, that the forest still can grow back, “one struggle, one fight, Danni, Herri, Mauli bleibt!” may actually come true.
However it ends we can always find ourselves privileged from having shared and grown from this experience.

Stay free!