Letter from UP1/ Brief von UP1

„We are all leaves up on the tree“ – line from a zen buddhist song
We can call our tree “keine A49”, its forest, the climate & biodiversity movement. Or we can call that tree the world, its leaves, anything that have their own defining consciousness. As a metaphor, the names are not important, neither is the name of this particular leaf, plucked and held in isolation separated from its companions and preferred natural environment. Neither important is the names of its family nor its business ties. What’s important is the connections it has to its roots and the earth which holds it steady, the sun that warms and manifests its nourishment, the air and water that give what it needs and takes what it doesn’t and the space it has around it to grow and thrive.
Whether human, tree, forest, endangered species or anything of consciousness it can feel agonising to be disowned, denied, rejected and ignored, a shadow of society kept apart by its overpowering ways. But polarity being what it is in this universe, the light that comes in the form of your demonstrations, speeches, chants, letters with drawings & poems & photos. <3 your kind donations and with the resistance you keep putting up are what dispels these heavy feelings, and gives rise to the clarity of why I am and we are here, to be together and freely express our opposition to the abuse of our natural environment, and to connect those that have lost their empathy for that which they unconsciously interdepend.
There are 3 aspects of my case:
1. police brutality. A report is currently written by an organisation, to do with their extreme lack of safety
2. The movement to stabilise our ever-changing climate whilst also safeguarding biodiversity. Reports done in 2019 such as the IPCC & that for biodiversity, as well as Europe’s new water protection law can support
3. Anonymity. I have the right to determine my own safety and security measures acting in the best interest of our natural world as well as myself.
For your information I have recently received a backlog of letters and am replying. A special thanks to those able to punk post to other “unknown persons” from common addresses. The content of these letters, from my end, is open to generate discussion about the world we would prefer live in, which hopefully lead to its creation.
For your further information I have been purposely put on the inner side of the prison complex so as to keep me hearing and being heard by the Friday demonstration. But I and the other prisoners do hear you and spirits raise every time. But y seperation is the aim of the state, connection is our antidote. So with this I want to shower you all with the affection I wish to give. I want to thank you for being here for you too! And I want to give you anything you may need to make our case about these three stripes stronger!
Our sense of love, connection and integrity is our greatest armour in this hostile world. It is unknown how long I will be in here, my request is that you share with the outside world or with me (which in letters the courts will read) your testimony of what it means to be “nature defending ourselves”.
Stay true with love & solidarity,
Ella/ UP1